Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

The man backed away he stared at the faraway altar i

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Unformatted text preview: d, and then made an object of ongoing study. Finally, we retired to the library together, and he sought, among his books, some old Catholic texts dating back to the days before King Henry, one in particular, A Secret Historic of the Highland Clans, which carried no author's name on it. It was a very old book, of black leather, and rather large, and many of the leaves had come unbound, so it was more like a folio of damaged pages. When he laid it down in the light, I saw they were covered with writing. There was a family tree of sorts described, and he followed it down with his finger. "Ah, here, can you read this? Well, of course you can't. It's Gaelic. But it's Ashlar, son of Olaf and husband of Janet, founders of the clan of Drummard and Donnelaith, yes, there it is. The word Donnelaith, and to think all these years I had never spotted it here. Though Ashlar I have seen in countless places. Yes, St. Ashlar." He paged through the sloppy fragile text until he came to another pa...
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