Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

The moon had risen a bit and the stars were shining

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Unformatted text preview: hool, burnt the books, all of it gone. Horrible horrible story. Of course they claimed the people were witches in the glen, that they worshiped a devil who looked like a man; that they had it all mixed up with the saints; but it was Protestant against Catholic finally. "The town never recovered. It hung on till the late sixteen hun- dreds, when the last of the clan was killed in a fire in the castle. Then there was no more Donnelaith. Just nothing." - "And no more saint." "Oh, the saint was gone in 1559, whoever he was, God bless him. His 333 cult disappeared with the Cathedral. You have only a little Presbyte- rian town after that, with the 'abominable' pagan circle of stones out- side it." "What do we know about the pagan legends in particular?" I asked. "Only that there are those who still believe them. Now and then, someone will come from as far away as Italy. They will ask about the stones. They seek the road to Donnelaith. They even ask about the...
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