Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

The present mayfair trust was handled out of new york

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Unformatted text preview: window, crying. "You do love me, don't you? You aren't afraid of me?" She thought a long time before she said, "Yes, I do love you. You are all alone... and I love you. I do. But I'm frightened. This is frenzy. This is not organization and work. This is mania. I am afraid ... of you." When he bent over her, she clasped his head in her hands and guided it to her nipple; then came the trance as he sucked up the milk. Would he never tire of it? Would he nurse forever? The thought made her laugh and laugh. He would be an infant forever-an infant who walks and talks and makes love. "Yes, and sings, don't forget that!" he said when she told him. He finally began to watch television in long unbroken periods. She could use the bathroom without his hovering about. She could bathe slowly. She did not bleed anymore. Oh, for the Keplinger Institute, she thought. Think of the things the Mayfair money could do, if only she dared. Surely they were looking for her, looking for them both. She had gone about thi...
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