Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Anne Rice v1 Lasher

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Unformatted text preview: at the murals as though taking up one detail after another and releasing it again to the gloom. He looked at their faces. He looked at Michael, who sat near him just to his right. The other man, Clement Norgan, was still sore from Michael's jabbing him, still sore from having been cracked against the wall. He sat across the table, red-faced, trying to catch his breath still, drinking sips from a glass of water. His eyes moved from the creature to Michael. Stolov sat to Norgan's left. Aaron was beside Michael, holding on to his shoulder, holding his hand. Michael could feel the tightness of Aaron's grip. Lasher. "Yes, in this house, again," the creature said, voice tremulous yet deep and confident in its own beauty, its perfect accentless enuncia- tion. "Let him speak," said Aaron. "We are four men. We are resolved he will not leave here. Rowan is resting untroubled. Let him talk." "That is correct," said Stolov. "We are together. Let him explain himself to us all. You are entitled to such an exp...
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