Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

The roads grew steeper and steeper and the vantage

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Unformatted text preview: uot; Flustered, stammering, blushing. Ah, the power of Mona, thought Michael. And now she had the legacy to contend with, as well as everything else. But there was something pure about Yuri, pure and loyal and good. "He can be trusted," Aaron had said quietly. "He is a gentleman, and he is honorable. Mona will be quite safe in his company. Never fear." "No one has to fear for Mona," said Michael, a little ashamed, and getting just a wisp again of those sensual moments, when he'd held her and knew it was wrong and that it was going to happen and so what? There were so few times when Michael had done bad things and said, So what? Aaron was asleep in the upstairs bedroom. "Men of my age nap after meals," he had said apologetically. He had gone to lie down. He was utterly exhausted, and Michael wouldn't talk anymore about Julien just now, and maybe that was best because Aaron needed the rest. Just you and me now, Julien, Michael thought. It was quiet in the house. Hamilton had gone home to pay some bills. Bea would return later. Only one nurse was on duty because all the money in the world could not procure another, such was the s...
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