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The roots gave him trouble he had to go out from the

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Unformatted text preview: other strongholds and their clans. And then the farmers of the valley and the shepherds, and the merchants of the town-a never- ending stream. It seemed an hour or more that we gave Communion, that back and forth we went for cup after cup, until at last all the men and women of the valley had partaken. All had received the Living Christ into their hearts. Never in any church in Italy had I known such happiness. Never in any open field under God's arching sky, beneath His perfectly painted stars. When I turned to say the final words: "Go, the Mass is ended!" I saw the courage and happiness and peace on every face. The bell began to ring faster, indeed madly, with the spirit of rejoicing. The pipes struck up a wild melody, and the drums began to beat. "To the castle," cried the people. "It is time for the Laird's Feast." And I found myself raised upon the shoulders of the stout men of the village. "We will stand against the forces of hell," cried the people. &quo...
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