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The saint was made of jewels a shimmering vision of

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Unformatted text preview: orgotten? Had I known things in her womb? I could not chase these receding phantoms with any success. They were gone from me, leaving only a shimmer. I am born. I am flesh! I was living and breathing again. The darkness is dispelled and even this soft snow surrounding me is part of the living world, and look! The sky above, a blue no painter could capture, and then the deep glen spreading out before us, as we came out of the mountains-look, the great church. The snow fell in small soft flakes around us. I was so used to being cold I had forgotten to dislike it. I was charmed by what I saw. "Wrap the wool around you," said my father. "We are going into the castle, that is our home." I didn't want to follow the path up to the castle. Rather I wanted to go down into the town. It was a great town then, you cannot imag- ine. It had nothing to do with the small pathetic village that grew up on its ruins later on. It had its walls, its battlements, and within were its citizens and its merchants, its bankers, and its great Cathedral! And all around...
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