Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

The tents flapped and whipped in the wind the men ran

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Unformatted text preview: vinist minis- ter who took her to Switzerland, I believe, for the salvation of her soul. Name Petyr van Abel." "Petyr van Abel, you are certain of that name? It says it there?" I could scarcely contain myself. This was the only written word I had ever beheld to confirm the MJfi which Marie Claudette had told me. I did not dare say this wa^^ ancestor as well. Having Tyrone McNamara seemed gauche enough. I merely fell silent, overwhelmed, and even contemplated stealing the pamphlet. "Yes, indeed, Petyr van Abel, right here," said he. "All written by a minister here in Edinburgh and printed here too and sold for quite a profit. These things were popular, you know, just like the magazines of today. Imagine people sitting around the fire and looking at this horrid picture of the poor girl burning. "You know they were burning witches, right here in Edinburgh- at the Witches' Well, on the Esplanade, right up till the seventeen hundreds." I made some murmur of total sympathy. But I 'was too stunned by this little c...
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