Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

The thought made her laugh and laugh he would be an

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Unformatted text preview: st had killed others. 219 "Won't work with me, Mother!" Nerves frayed, she lost all control and slapped him. It hurt him and he cried. He cried and cried, rocking back and forth in a chair. To comfort him, she sang more songs. In Hamlen town, long long ago Nobody was happy, no, no, no Their pretty little town was full of rats! In everything they ate big holes And drank their soup from the big soup bowls And even made their nests in people 'J hats! For a long time she sat beside him on the floor, watching him as he lay there with his eyes open. What a pure marvel he seemed, his hair black and flowing, facial hair thickening and the hands still like baby hands except they were bigger than her own hands, and his thumbs though well-developed were slightly longer than normal thumbs. She felt dizzy. She was confused. She had to eat. He ordered food for her, and watched her eat. He told her she must eat regularly from now on and then he knelt down before her chair, between her legs, and tore open the silk of her blouse and squeezed...
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