Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

The war the loss of my sister her subsequent rape all

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Unformatted text preview: e had pushed her through the wall of the world that was Mother. Only a moment ago Emaleth could have sworn that Mother knew she was there! That for one instant Mother understood that she had Emaleth inside her, but then thequarreling had come again, between Father and Mother. SiP^ And now as the door shut, and Father's scent was gone away, and the flowers shifted and nodded and pulsed in the twilight room, Emaleth heard Mother crying. ^yi Don't cry, Mother, please. You make me sad when you cry. All the world is nothing but sadness. Can you really hear me, my darling? Mother did know she was there! Emaleth turned and twisted in her tiny constricted world, and pushed at the roof, and heard Mother sigh: Yes, Mother, say my name as Father says it. Emaleth. Call my name! Emaleth. Then Mother began to talk to her in earnest. Listen to me, baby girl, Pm in trouble. lam weak and sick. Pm starved. You are inside of me, and thank God, you take what you must have from my teeth, from my bones, from my blood. But Pm weak. He's tied me up again. You must begin to help me. What am I to do to save both of us? Mot...
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