Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

The water was greenish and not fresh smelling but

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Unformatted text preview: h came rushing in. "Did Carlotta tell you about that girl?" she said. "Don't mix in it." "Don't mix in it!" I was rabid. "Oh, Mother, really, you are worse than Queen Elizabeth," cried Stella, "fearing the power of her poor cousin Mary Queen of Scots. That girl cannot harm us! She is no Mary Queen of Scots." "I didn't say that she was, Stella," said Mary Beth, unruffled and very calm as always. "I have no fear of the child, no matter how powerful she is. I have only pity for her." She was towering over me. I sat on the couch, resolved to move but still curious to know more before I did so. "Carlotta started it all, visiting up there. The girl hides in the attic." "Does not. Is locked in!" "Stella, hush up. Be a witch, not a bitch, for the love of heaven." "Mother, she's never been out of the house in her whole life, same story as Barbara Ann! Same reason. There are plenty of witches' gifts in that family, Oncle Julien. Barbara...
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