Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Then came charlotte into the picture daughter of

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Unformatted text preview: e her mother would turn her head and look up at her and shout out: "Be careful what you wish for. Didn't I tell you? It might come true." Within minutes the room was filled with staff. Anne Marie was in the hallway, wiping her eyes with a paper handkerchief. Mona backed off. For a long time she stood at the nurses' station just listening to everything. An intern had to be called to say that Alicia was legally dead. They had to wait for him, and that would take twenty minutes. It was past eight o'clock. Meantime the family doctor had been sum- moned. And Ryan, of course. Poor Ryan. Oh, God help Ryan. The phone was ringing now continuously. And Lauren? What shape was she in? Mona walked off down the hall. When the elevator door opened, it was the young intern who came out-a kid who didn't look old enough to know if somebody was dead. He passed her without even looking at her. In a daze Mona rode down to the lobby and walked out the doors. The hospital was on Prytania Street, only one block f...
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