Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Then came time to write i climbed from bed dropped

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Unformatted text preview: g. I recorded any and all details about Riverbend, Donnelaith, the legends, the saint. All of it. I wrote fast and in a fury. For I didn't know but that, at any moment, the monster might stop me. But the monster did nothing. Letters came to me daily from the old scholar, but mostly they were stories of St. Ashlar, that St. Ashlar would grant a miracle to a young girl, for he was their special protector. And the rest was repetitive of what we had discovered. Some excavations were begun at Donnelaith but that work would take a century. And what would we find that I did not now know? Yet I wrote enthusiastically to my professor and his friends, in- creased the endowments and gave in to their wishes in any project to further the study of Donnelaith and its complex of ruins. Each letter I copied out into my book. Then I took up another book and began to write my own life story in it. This book too was chosen for its strong binding and good paper. I never dreamt that both books would perish before I did....
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