Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Then he looked up and saw the figure of the father

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Unformatted text preview: and gone into the Tiber. But the fluid can save the whole world." He looked down. The man was smiling at him from the pillow, his hair matted and damp on his forehead and on his neck, his shirt soiled around the collar from this dampness, his tie loose. "Could it save me?" asked the man. "Oh, yes!" said Yuri. "Yes, but . . ." "Your captors took it," said the man. "Yes, they crept up behind me right in the lobby of the bank! They snatched it from my fingers. I ran to the bank guard. I seized his pistol. I shot two of them dead on the floor. But the other ran with the jewel. And the tragedy, the horror, yes, the horror is that he does not know what is in it. He will probably sell it to some peddler. He does not know! The maharaja never told the evil men why he wanted my mother brought back." Yuri stopped. How could he have said such a thing ... a fluid that would give one eternal youth? And here this young man was sick unto death, mayb...
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