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Then it is gone and exhausted why do you think it

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Unformatted text preview: t Katherine and thought, "What an idiot," for that is just what Katherine turned out to be. But a female witch was needed, and Marie Claudette would lay eyes upon a granddaughter before she died, so on to this little witless baby who was bawling in the cradle Marie Claudette passed the great emerald. Now as you know, by the time Katherine was a young woman I had come into my own as a family influence, was much valued as a carrier of witches' gifts, and it was I who fathered, by Katherine, Mary Beth Mayfair, who was the last in fact of the great Mayfair Witches. I fathered Mary Beth's daughter Stella, as I am sure you also know, and fathered by Stella her daughter, Antha. But let me return to the perilous times of my early childhood, when men and women both warned me in hushed voices to be well-behaved, ask no questions, defer to the family customs in every regard, and pay no attention to anything strange that I might see pertaining to the realm of ghosts and spirits. It was made known to me in no uncertain terms that strong Mayfair males did not do well; e...
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