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Then she thought of mayfair medical of course that

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Unformatted text preview: ed her twice already. Her mind went blank with fear. For the first time in her life, she understood why some human beings cannot act when they are frightened, why some freeze and stare in a meek fashion. What had become of her notes? In the morning, they packed the suitcases together. Everything medical was in one bag, and in this she placed the copies of all the various tags and slips she had used to order various information at the clinics. She placed on top the written instructions for the concierge which included Lark's address. He did not seem to notice. She had taken considerable amounts of packing from the lab, but now she shoved towels in around the material. She shoved in her old bloodstained clothes. "Why don't you throw that away?" he demanded, "that horrid smell." "I don't smell anything," she said coldly. "And I need the packing, I told you. But I can't find my notebooks. I had all these notebooks." "Yes, I read them," he said quietly. "/ threw them away." S...
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