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Then the most astonishing thing happened this woman

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Unformatted text preview: and shining white. "St. Ashlar!" I whispered. The armed men took hold of me. "Go with God, Ashlar. Give your soul to God and when death comes again you will know peace." That was my birth, gentlemen. That was my homecoming. Now I shall tell you of what followed, of how high I was to reach. I was then taken away-I was never to see the old Laird again. For all I knew, I was never to see the glen, the Cathedral, or this priest. A small boat was waiting for me, which had to fight its way through the icy harbor and then south along the coast until I was put aboard a large ship. My chamber was cramped. I was a virtual prisoner. I drank only milk because all other food disgusted me and the boisterous sea made me constantly sick. No one thought to tell me why I was locked up, or to give me comfort. On the contrary, I had nothing to study, to read, no beads with which to pray. The bearded men who tended me seemed fright- ened of me, unwilling to answer any question. And at last I fell...
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