Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

There may be some truth to it what they say

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Unformatted text preview: t;I would be home." "Ah, and to walk the streets of Venice means nothing to you?" "I loathe this place. I do not want to hear hymns. I hate you. I hate Italy." "Ah, but what of Donnelaith, what of that? Were we to go north to Scotland?" For that had been one of my most important goals on this trip, to see the town for myself where Suzanne had called up the thing. He passed into a tantrum. Papers flew from my table, the bedcovers were snatched up and twirled into a great shape, which knocked me flat on my back before I realized what was happening. Never had I seen the thing so strong. All my life, its strength had been increasing. And now it had struck me. I shot up from the floor, snatched the fabric and cast it down and cursed the thing. "Be gone from me, Devil! Feast no more on my soul, Devil. My family shall cast you out, Devil!" And I tried with all my might and main to see it, spirit that it was-and I did, a great dark collecting force in the room, and w...
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