Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

There was evidence of a miscarriage aaron asked well

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Unformatted text preview: er's hand. "What are you doing in here!" Ryan demanded. "Go on, out." Mona didn't move. Pierce gestured for her to be quiet. '73 "This thing," said Michael, "our 'man,' our Lasher. Does he appear normal to other people?" "An unusual man," said Ryan. "That is the testimony we have. An unusual man, well-mannered, rather gregarious." He paused as if he had to force himself to go on. "I have all the statements for you. And by the way, we combed Paris, Geneva, Zurich, New York. Tall as he is, he does not attract that much attention. The archaeologists at Don- nelaith had the most contact. They said he was fascinating, a little peculiar, that he spoke very fast. That he had strange notions about the town and the ruins." "OK, I see what's happened. She didn't run away with him; he took her. He forced her to take him there. He forced her to get the money. She persuaded him to have these medical tests, then she got the stuff ou...
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