Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

There was not a steady rhythm to it which caught me

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Unformatted text preview: ." Michael started to rise, but Aaron held him, and the other two glared at him across the table. Lasher remained unafraid. "And you want to tell us your story," said Stolov timidly, as if gazing at a monarch or an apparition. "And we are ready to hear." "Yes, I will tell you," said Lasher with a small, almost brave smile. "I will tell you what I know now, flesh and blood that I am. I will tell you all of it. And then you can make your judgment." Michael uttered a short, mirthless laugh. It startled the others. It startled him. He gazed steadily at Lasher. "All right, monfils, " he said, pronouncing the French carefully, correctly. "Remember your prom- ise to me. No lies." They looked at one another for a long moment, and then the crea- ture lapsed back into solemnity, only wincing slightly as if he'd been struck. "Michael," he said, "I cannot speak now for what I was in the centuries of darkness; I cannot speak now for a desperate, d...
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