Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

There was the dull vibration of the big front door

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Unformatted text preview: ll go back to the office this afternoon. Let's go." Aaron did not rise to his feet. He did not look up at Ryan. He was gazing off, and then he seemed to drift away from them, into his own thoughts. He was disgruntled, but it was worse than that. Michael rose and took Ryan's hand. He shook hands also, as he always did, with Pierce. "Thank you both." "It's the least you could expect," said Ryan disgustedly. "We'll meet tomorrow, you and I, and Lauren and Randall. We'll find Rowan if Rowan ..." ". . . can be found," said Mona. "I told you to shut up," said Ryan. "I want you to go home," Ryan said. "Ancient Evelyn is there alone." "Oh, yeah, somebody's always there alone and they need me, don't they?" Mona said. She brought her leg round and stood up, straighten- ing the girlish cotton dress. The two loops of her white ribbon poked up behind her head. "I'll go on home. Don't worry." LASHER Ryan stood staring at her as if he could no...
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