Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

There were so many conflict ing thoughts in his head

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Unformatted text preview: the more distinctly I repeated it. "I'll learn its name." "To be sure," said the priest, "do that. For there are many many demons. The fallen angels, all of them, and the old gods of the pagans who became demons when Christ was born, and the little people even are from hell, you know." "The old gods of the pagans?" asked I. For I had never come across this wrinkle in theology. "I thought the old gods were false gods and didn't exist. That our God was the One True God." "Oh, the gods existed, but they were demons. They are the spooks and spirits that trouble us by night, deposed, vicious, vengeful. Same with the fairy people. The little people. I have seen the little people. I saw them in Ireland and I saw them here." "Right," I said. "May I walk in your garden?" I gave him a handful of American dollars. He was pleased. He went round inside to open the gate in the brick wall. "Seems it's going to storm," he said. "...
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