Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Theres no danger anymore michael said from anyone now

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Unformatted text preview: oth hands, rushed at the creature and brought the claw end down into the thing's skull. Through the hair, through the tender skin, through the fontanel, through the opening that had not closed, the iron claw sank. The creature's mouth formed a perfect oval of amazement. The blood ex- ploded upwards as if from a fount. Lasher's hands flew up as if to stop the flood, then drew back as the blood gushed down into his eyes. Michael wrenched the claw from the wound and brought it down hard again, deeper this time into the creature's brain. A man would have been finished, gone, no reason, but the thing only listed, drifted, staggered, the blood pouring from its head as if from a spout. "Oh, God, help me!" Lasher cried, the blood flowing down in rivu- lets past his nostrils into his mouth. "Oh, God in heaven, why? Why?" he wailed. The blood ran down his chin. Like Christ with the Crown of Thorns he bled. 557 Michael raised the hammer again. Norgan appeared suddenly, flustered, red-fa...
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