Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

They are born hardwired with almost nothing father

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Unformatted text preview: t; cried Stella. "They'll think you've come to kill her." "Why would I do that!" I demanded. "Because she's stronger than us, don't you see? Oncle Julien, look to the legacy, as you are always instructing me. Isn't there a case for her claiming everything?" "Certainly not," said I. "Not so long as Mary Beth has a daughter, and Stella, the daughter of Mary Beth, has a daughter of her own. Not much of a case." "Well, they say there are provisions-having to do with power and such, and the witches' gifts, and all. And they hide that girl so we won't kill her." Richard had come with my clothes. I hastily dressed, and to the teeth, for this ceremonial visit. I sent him for my riding coat-my Stutz, Bearcat was open and the roads were muddy then-for my goggles, and for my gloves, and told him once more to hurry. "You can't go up there," Mary Beth said. "You'll scare him to death and her to death too." "If she's...
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