Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

They didnt know who the elders were yuri didnt answer

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Unformatted text preview: eds and hundreds dancing to the pipes and the harp. 433 Oh, but those were the first days, before the soldiers came. In the glen, later, everyone danced together, tall and little and poor and rich, human and nonhuman. They had come together to make the Taltos. Many would die, but if the Taltos were made ... If somehow there were two . . . She stopped, her hands to her ears. She had to go. Father. I'm coming. I'll find Michael for Mother. Mother, I did not forget. I am not childish. All of you are simpletons, children! Help me. The man pulled her off balance, but then she realized he was just trying to make her dance some more. Turning her, twisting her. She began again, sliding into it, loving it, rocking back and forth ever more violently, letting her hair swing. Yes, love it. In a blur, she saw the real music makers. Scrawny and fat and wearing glasses over their eyes, they scratched at their fiddles, and sang in high voices, through their noses, rapidly, unintelligibly, and they played a little bellows organ of which s...
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