Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

They had a musical note in them that the other

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Unformatted text preview: ild? Those Mayfairs?" "Thirteen years ago, Cortland snuck off to Fontevrault drunk and got Barbara Ann with child, to be exact. You know, Walker's daughter. The child was Evelyn, you know, you remember. Barbara Ann died when Evelyn was born. Well, guess what, darling dear? Evelyn is a witch, as powerful a witch as ever there was, and she can see into the future." "Says who?" "Everyone. She has the sixth finger! She's marked, my darling dear, and positively strange beyond imagining. And Tobias has locked her up for fear that Mother will kill her! Imagine. That you and Mother would harm her. Why, you are the girl's grandfather! Cortland admit- ted it to me, though he made me swear never to tell you. 'You know how Father hates the Fontevrault crowd,' he said. 'And what good can I do that girl, when everyone in the household loathes me?' " "Wait a minute, child. Slow down. Do you mean to tell me Cortland took advantage of that addle-brained Barbara Ann, who died gi...
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