Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

They have been to the glen they know you my ancestor

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Unformatted text preview: ge. "Ashlar," he said, reading the crabbed hand. "Yes, King of Drum- mard-Ashlar." He carefully read the text, translating it for me, and jotting notes on a pad with his pencil. "King Ashlar of the pagans, beloved by his people, husband of Queen Janet, rulers of High Dearmach far north of the Great Glen in the Highland forests. Converted in the year 566 by St. Columba of Ireland. Yes, here it is, the legend of St. Ashlar. Died at Drummard, where a great cathedral was raised in his name. Drummard later be- came Donnelaith, you see. Relics . . . cures . . . ah, but his wife, Janet, refused to give up the pagan faith and was burnt at the stake for her stubborn pride. 'And when the great saint mourned her loss, a spring gushed forth from the burnt ground in which thousands were bap- tized.' " The image virtually paralyzed me. Janet burnt at the stake. The saint, the magic spring. I was too overcome to speak. The scholar was tantalized. He quickly promised me tha...
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