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They went where they chose to go new wooden

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Unformatted text preview: e'd doze again, and he'd wake her to give her food, talking on and on about something he'd seen on the television, on the news, or some other item or thing that he had noticed. It was random and more and more fragmented. He picked up the hotel menu off the table and sang all the names of the dishes. Then he went back to writing furiously. "And then Julien brought Evelyn to his house and there conceived Laura Lee, who gave birth to Alicia and Gifford. And from Julien also the illegitimate child, Michael O'Brien, born to the girl in St. Marga- ret's orphanage, who gave it up and went into the convent to become Sister Bridget Marie, and then from that girl, three boys and one girl, and that girl married Alaister Curry, who gave birth to Tim Curry, who . . ." "Wait a minute, what are you writing?" "Leave me alone." Suddenly he stared at it. He tore the paper in little pieces. "Where are your notebooks, what have you written in them?" he demanded. They were never too far from the room. Sh...
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