Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

They were also searching for dr samuel larkin they

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Unformatted text preview: ed. Same in a genetic institute in Europe to which the New York institution sent samples of his work. All traces of the being are now gone from official sources. "But we ... we the Talamasca know all about this being. We know everything about him. More even than the poor unfortunates who studied his cells beneath the microscope. More even than the family now struggling to protect itself from him. The being will seek to eradicate our knowledge. This was inevitable. Perhaps ... an error in judgment was made." "What do you mean?" The waitress set down the small cup of black espresso. Yuri tested the porcelain with his fingers. Too hot. " 'We watch and we are always here,' " said Stolov. "This is our motto. But sometimes these powerful things we watch, these brooding and unclassifiable forms of energy or evil or whatever they are-these things seek to destroy all witnesses, and we must suffer the conse- quences of our long vigilance, of our understanding, so to speak. Per- haps if we had been better prepa...
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