Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

They were in the tiny elevator going down down down

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Unformatted text preview: ion or fire, or the river's current, will not trouble you. I was held once ... by two patterns. Two simple patterns. A circle, and stones in the form of a cross . . . two patterns." I memorized this. More proof that he was not the great Devil him- self. I went up the stairs. I had gotten just a little more out of him than I usually did, but nothing much really. And then there was Katherine. This time I found her awake, and standing by the window. "Where did you go?" she asked me breathlessly. And then she threw her arms around me again and leant against me. It seemed I felt Lasher stirring near us. I told him through the mind, Do not come here now, you'll scare her. I lifted her chin as men do to women, though how the little things stand it, I don't know, and I kissed her. At that very second, something caught me by surprise. It was the pressure of her breasts against me. She wore nothing but a soft white dressing gown, and I felt her nipples, her heat, and then a stream of heat it seemed from her lips. But when I dre...
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