Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Theyre doing an autopsy this time so at least the

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Unformatted text preview: side. He had to. When they reached New York, he realized the medical bag and all the test results were gone. He threatened to kill her. She lay on the bed, refusing to speak. He tied her up gently, care- ^^Y) giving her room to move her limbs but not to get free, the twined LASHER tape making the strongest rope in the world. He covered her carefully so she wouldn't be cold. He turned on the fan vent in the bathroom and then the television at a high but not unreasonable volume, and went out. It was a full twenty-four hours before he returned. She had been unable to hold the urine. She hated him. She wished for his death. She wished she knew charms with which to kill him. He sat by her as she made all the arrangements in Houston-yes, two floors in a fifty-story building where they would have complete privacy. It was small in Houston terms, such a complex as this, and right downtown, and Houston had quite a few empty ones. This had been the headquarters of a cancer research program until it had gone b...
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