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This is the question said ryan in his customary

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Unformatted text preview: ttered in the garden and on the rug upstairs. "Why don't you just tape wax paper to it?" she'd asked later, when Gifford called the man to fix the window. "That's the way all the other holes in this place are fixed." Why had Gifford let that child go through these things? And Mona was still going through them. There was another carousel of grief and guilt that she could ride for hours and hours. Like the Michael and Rowan carousel. Why not? Did a month ever pass that Gifford didn't remember that incident, the image of six-year-old Mona dragging the unconscious Alicia through the front door. And Dr. Blades calling from the clinic across the street: "Gifford, your sister is really sick over there, you know, and that child and Ancient Evelyn really have their hands full!" "Don't worry about Mona," said Ryan now, as if he were reading her thoughts in this uneasy weary silence. "Mona is the least of our worries. We have a conference scheduled for Tuesday regarding Rowan's disappearance. We wi...
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