Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

This means music in the room or perhaps films or

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Unformatted text preview: e was in her famous rocker, we knew that Rowan Mayfair in California was the heir. Also those were the days of Carlotta. We couldn't make her cooperate. This time we will do things immediately and smoothly and efficiently. I know to you it must seem very strange . . ." "Not so strange," he'd said. "I want to go back in. It makes me edgy to leave her." "Sometime or other you'll have to sleep." "I sleep, son, I sleep right there in the chair. I'm fine. I sleep better than I did when I was on all that medicine. It's kind of deep and natural. I sleep holding her hand." And I try not to think, Rowan, why the hell did you leave me? Why did you drive me out on Christmas Eve? Why didn't you trust me? And Aaron, why the hell didn't you break the laws of the Talamasca and come here? But that wasn't fair. Aaron himself had explained that situation-how they had given him his orders to stay away, and how guilty, how spineless, he had felt. "I sat there at Oak Haven giving you all those excuses. I let...
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