Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

This meant something meant he had to move he didnt

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Unformatted text preview: ed the door and pressed on the accelerator. They were turning back to the marginless road. "We still in Texas?" "No, ma'am. Louisiana. I sure wish you'd let me take you to the doctor." "I'll be all right." Just as she said it the pain again clamped tight, and made her nearly cry out. She felt the sharp jab from within. Emaleth, for the love of God and Mother. But Mother, it gets smaller and smaller. Mother. Pm frightened. Where is Father? Can I be born into the world without Father? Not yet, Emaleth. She sighed. She turned her head to the road. The big truck was racing along now at ninety on the narrow road with its battered shoulders and ditches, and the purple sky darkened above as the trees closed in and grew higher. The headlamps made a bright path ahead. The driver whistled to himself. "Mind if I play the radio, ma'am?" LASHER "Please do," she said. There came another jab. The smooth dark voices of the Judds came out of the little grill. S...
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