Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

This very well might have been the fourth day she was

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Unformatted text preview: alarm anyone, but none of the women should be alone just now. If something does happen, there should be someone there to call for medical help. Obviously neither Edith nor Gifford was able to do this. I know what I'm asking . . . Yes. Yes. All of them. Everyone. That's exactly the way to go. Yes, we'll see you in ten minutes." The two men left the suite, choosing the short flight of stairs to the street over the elegant little elevator. "What the hell do you think is going on?" Lark asked. "I mean what does this mean, another death exactly like that of Gifford Mayfair?" Lightner didn't respond. He looked grim and impatient. "And by the way, do you have super-hearing? How did you know what he'd told me on the phone?" "Super-hearing," murmured Lightner vaguely. They slipped out the front door and right into a waiting cab. The air still had its coolness, but there was a bit of balmy warmth mixed up in it. Everywhere Lark looked he saw greenery, and some random, shabby bit of charm-an old-fashioned...
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