Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

This was a facsimile he explained that hed made

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Unformatted text preview: an early age, Mary Beth did not mythologize the spirit. When I suggested it was a vengeful ghost, she shrugged and considered the possibility. But-and this is key-she didn't despise Lasher as I did, either. On the contrary, she bore him love; and he forged with her a close emotional link, drawing from her a sympathy which I did not feel for the being. And as I saw this happening, as I saw her nodding to my ironic statements, and carefully veiled warnings, as I saw her understanding me perfectly, yet nevertheless loving him, I understood better why he had always preferred women to men, for I think he played to a part of women which is more dormant in men. They were more likely to fall in love with, to feel pity for, to be enamored of, that which gives them erotic pleasure. Of course this is a bias on my part. A bias. I presented it to her, and she sneered. "It's like the old argument from the witch judges," she said, "that women are more susceptible to the Devil's blandishments because they ar...
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