Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

This was better it felt good when the woman tied the

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Unformatted text preview: my granddaughter I'm going to get her." I stormed to the front porch. I was feeling entirely myself, though I alone noticed one tiny deficit. I could not quite control the movement of my left foot. It would not arch and lift properly as I walked, so I had a little to drag it. But they didn't see it, damn them, they didn't know. Death had given a pinch. Death was coming. But I told myself I could live another score of years with this tiny infirmity. As I went down the front steps, and had the boys help me up into the car, Stella clambered into my lap, nearly castrating and killing me simultaneously. And then out of the shadows beneath the oaks came Carlotta. "Will you help her?" "Of course I will," said 1. "1 will take her out of there. Horrible, horriNe tiling. Why didn't you come to me sooner?" "I don't know," (-arlotta said, and her face was stricken and her head w;is bowed. "'I he things she said she saw were terrible." "You don't li...
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