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Tristram shandy and tom jones and robinson crusoe i

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Unformatted text preview: the directive. A person can have a hemorrhage without it being a miscarriage, obviously. So don't go off by yourself. If you feel faint, or any unusual physical symptoms, you need to be able to get help immediately." Mona nodded, staring off at the blank walls of this place, at its sparse signs and its large sand-filled cylindrical ashtrays. One half hour ago, Mona had been sound asleep when something waked her as surely as a hand touching her-a smell, a song coming from a Victrola. She pictured that open window again, the sash all the way up, the night outside bending in with its dark yews and oaks. She tried to remember the smell. "Talk to me, kid," said Anne Marie. "I'm worried about you." "Yeah, well, I'm fine. OK. Everybody better follow that advice, ^5 don't be alone, whether they think they could be pregnant or not. You're right. Doesn't matter. I'm going upstairs to see Mother." "Don't wake her up." "You said she's been sleeping since morning? Maybe she's in a coma. Maybe she's dead....
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