Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

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Unformatted text preview: mpression," said Yuri. "The Mayfair family tried to kill him once before. Aaron has seen plenty of danger. Aaron has been in danger in other investigations. Aaron is a treasure to the Order because he has seen and done so much." "Ah, but you see, it is not the family which is the threat to Aaron now, it is not the Mayfair Witches, it is an individual whom they have aided and abetted, so to speak." "Lasher." "I see you know the file." "I know it." "Did you see this individual when you went to Donnelaith?" "You know I didn't. If you are working on this investigation, you've already seen the reports I copied to the Elders, the reports I made for LASHER Aaron. You know I talked to people who had seen this individual, as you put it. But I didn't see him myself. Have you seen him?" "Why are you so angry, Yuri?" What a lovely, deep, reverent voice. "I'm not angry, Stolov. I am in the grip of suspicion. All my life I've been devoted to the Talamasc...
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