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Unformatted text preview: Ann was sort of crazy, they say, but this girl has Cortland's blood too, and she sees the future." "No one really sees the future," Mary Beth declared, "and no one should want to see it. Julien, the girl is peculiar. She is shy. She hears voices. Sees ghosts. It's nothing new. She is more warped and isolated than most, having been brought up by old people." "Cortland, how dare he not tell me this!" I said. "He didn't dare," said Mary Beth. "He wouldn't hurt you." "He doesn't care," said I. "Damn him, to leave a baby daughter with those cousins! And it was Carlotta who went there, to that house, to be under Tobias's roof, Tobias who has always called me a murderer." "Oncle Julien, you are a murderer," said Stella. "Hush up once and for all," said Mary Beth. Stella sulked, which meant at least a temporary victory. "Carlotta went there to ask the girl what she saw, to ask her to predict, the most dangerous of...
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