Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Violettas waltz she said just hold on to me for a

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Unformatted text preview: "Your investiga- tors picked up my wife's clothes? They took them from the Walton County coroner's office and from the funeral parlor? Who told you you could do such a thing?" Aaron didn't answer. But Michael could read the surprise and the confusion in his face. Aaron hadn't known. He was shocked as well as humiliated. He seemed to be thinking it all over, and then he gave a little careful shrug. "I'm sorry," Aaron said at last. "I did not authorize anyone to do this. I apologize to you. I'll see that everything is returned, immedi- ately." Now Michael understood why Aaron was not himself. Something was happening within the ranks, something between Aaron and the Order. He had sensed it earlier but he hadn't known how to inter- pret it. "You damn well better!" said Ryan. "I've had enough of scholars and secrets and people spying on one another." He stood up. Pierce stood also. "Come on, Dad," Pierce said, once again taking charge. "Let's go home. I'...
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