Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Washington avenue yes indeed this was it over there

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Unformatted text preview: ;You know. You showed me the place yourself the day we were in the library." "You mock me, you evil child." But she had shown little Gifford the secret niche on the very afternoon of Laura Lee's funeral. That must have been the last time Carlotta opened the house. It was 1960, and Deirdre was already very sick, and having lost her baby, Rowan, Deidre had gone back for a long time in the hospital. Cortland had been dead a year. But Carlotta had always pitied Laura Lee, always pitied her that she had Evelyn for a mother. And then there were Millie Dear and Belle, both saying, Carlotta, can't we bring them all back here? And Carlotta looking sadly at Evelyn, trying to hate her, yet feeling so sorry for her that she had buried her daughter. And perhaps that she, Evelyn, had been buried alive, herself, since the day of Stella's death. "You can bring the family here," Millie Dear had said, and Carlotta had not dared to contradict her. "Yes, indeed," said Belle, for Belle h...
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