Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

We always have our founder beheld with his own eyes

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Unformatted text preview: people! Do not be their fool." I drew up close to him. "Tell me now, here in Paris. Sit down with me and tell me the story now." But before I could finish, my brother had drawn the Dutchman back and struck him a blow that sent him backwards into the crowd, creating screams and panic, as he tumbled over others and fell to the ground. "You've been told before," he declared to the Dutchman. "Stay away from our ilk, and from our valley." He spat in the Dutchman's face. The Dutchman stared up at me and it seemed I saw hatred in him; pure hatred; or was it merely the thwarted will? My brother and his men pulled me into the church. Animal of sacrifice! Death to any ordinary woman . . . My peace of mind was destroyed. The wonder of the journey was destroyed. I could have sworn that various persons in the Cathedral had seen this little drama and understood it, and that they were staring at me in a wary and cunning way. That they were almost amused. I went to receive Communion. "Dear God, come int...
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