Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

We are going to be good to each other we are going to

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Unformatted text preview: dle. What was this happening to him now? There was a terrible feeling inside him, a mixture of distrust and anger, a feeling of betrayal and loss. He had to talk to Aaron. But there was no time to call him. Besides, how could he burden Aaron with this now? He wanted to go to Aaron, be of assistance, not confuse him with some mad story of being followed in an airport, of a voice on the phone from London which he did not know. For one second he was tempted to blow the lid, to call back, demand to speak to Anton, ask what was happening, and who was this woman who was tailing him at the airport? But then he felt no spirit for it, no trust that it would work. That was the awful part. No trust at all that it would do any good. Something had happened. Something had changed. The flight was leaving. He looked around, and he did not see her. But that didn't mean anything. Then he went to board the plane. In Nashville, he found a desk with a fax machine, and he wrote out a long letter to the Elders directly, to the Amsterdam number, telling them all that had taken place. "I will contact you ag...
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