Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

We can do it without asking him but were going to ask

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Unformatted text preview: like Rowan. They have to have the dormant forty-six chromosomes. Which is why we must reach Rowan, and test her in every way that we can." "But this thing could breed with Rowan, couldn't it?" "With its mother? Yes. It probably could! But surely she's not crazy enough to try that." "She said it had already impregnated her and she'd lost the off- spring. She suspected she had been impregnated again." "She told you this?" "Yes. And I have to decide whether or not I can tell this to the family, the Mayfair family, the family that is about to build the largest single neurosurgery and research center in the entire United States." "Yes . . . Rowan's big dream. But to get back to this family. How many of them are there? Are we talking brothers and sisters who can be tested? What about Rowan's mother? Is she alive? Is her father alive?" "There are no brothers and sisters. The father and the mother are dead. But there are many man...
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