Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

We didnt even dream of such things and riverbend with

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Unformatted text preview: self go, laughing and laughing, until it rippled out of her just like a song. He bent to kiss her. "Don't do it again. If I miscarry again, I'll die. There are easier, quicker ways to kill me. You can't have a child by me, don't you understand? What makes you think you can have a child by anyone?" "Ah, but you won't miscarry this time," he said. He lay beside her. He placed his hand on her belly. He smiled. He uttered a string of rapid syllables in a hum, his mouth grotesque for one moment as he did it-it was a language! "Yes, my darling, my love, the child's alive and the child can hear me. The child is female. The child is there." She screamed. She turned her fury on the unborn thing, kill it, kill it, kill it, and then-as she lay back, drenched in sweat, stinking again, the taste of vomit in her mouth-she heard a sound that was like someone crying. He made that strange humming song. Then came the crying. LASHER She shut her eyes, trying to break it down into something coherent. She could not. But she could hear a new voice now and the new voice was inside her and it was speaking to her in a tongue she c...
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