Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

We visited their sick we helped them bury their dead

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Unformatted text preview: I must tell you, all this is most suspicious to me." "For the future, Julien. For the future." "Ah, and this means that what I have learnt may stop what you see in the future." "You are old, Julien, you have served me well. You will serve me again. I love you. But I would not have you speak to the men of the Talamasca ever, at any time, nor would I have them trouble Mary Beth or any of my witches." "But what do they want? What is their interest? The old professor in Edinburgh told me they were antiquarians." "They are liars. They tell you they are scholars and scholars only. But they harbor a horrid secret, and I know what it is. I would not have them come close to you." "You know them then as they know you?" "Yes. They feel an irresistible attraction to mysteries. But they lie. They would use their knowledge for their own ends. Tell them noth- ing. Remember what I say. They lie. Protect the clan from them." I nodded. I went out. I went up to my rooms and opened my big book, the book of the clan and of Lasher. "Spirit, I know not whether you can read these...
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