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We went north to darkirk to the inn there and from

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Unformatted text preview: ead the word of God in the time of St. Brendan. And of course the Picts were up there, before the Romans. Rumor was they built their castle in Donnelaith because it was a place blessed by the pagan spirits. We are talking now of the Picts when we speak of pagans. That was their part of Scotland up there, and the Donnelaith clan probably descended from them as well. You know how it went, pagans and Catholics." "Catholics built upon pagan shrines to appease and include the local superstitions." "Exactly," said he. "And even the Roman documents mention terri- ble things about that glen and the things that lurked in it. They men- tion a sinister childlike breed, which could overrun the world if ever allowed to stray from the valley. And a particularly vicious species of the 'little people.' Of course you are familiar with the little people. Don't laugh at them, I warn you." Yet he smiled as he said this. "But you can't find the original material on any of that anymore. Whatever...
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