Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

We were already following the winding stairs we were

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Unformatted text preview: ts voice. And I'm the one to whom Julien came. I guess I do have the conviction of a convert. Or maybe just the conviction of a saint." He reached into his jacket pocket, drew out the medal that Ryan had returned to him, the medal which Gifford had found Christmas Day by the pool. "You gave this to me, remember?" he said to Aaron. "What's it like when St. Michael sinks his trident into a demon? Does the demon wriggle and scream for its mother? Must be difficult to be St. Michael. This time, I will find out." "Julien was its enemy then? Of this you're sure." Michael sighed. Ought to go upstairs. "What would the nurses do if I got in bed with her? What would they do if I just snuggled up to her and held her in my arms?" "It's your house," said Aaron. "Lie beside her if you wish. Tell them to sit outside the door." Michael shook his head. "If only I knew she wanted me near her. If only I knew she wanted anything at all." He thought for a long moment. "Aaron," he said. &q...
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