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We will all sit down and decide what to do how can

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Unformatted text preview: some medical attention." Gifford sighed. She hoped that Patrick would die. She knew she did. Why kid herself? She had never liked or loved Patrick, and now he was the worst sort of burden to all those around him-a vicious drunk, who took special pleasure in being mean to his wife, and his daughter. Mona didn't give a damn. "I have no respect for Dad," she said coldly. But Alicia was forever at Patrick's mercy. "Why are you looking at me like that? What have I done now? Did you drink the last beer? You knew it was the last beer and you deliberately drank it!" "Well, how did Patrick do?" Gifford asked, hoping against hope that he'd fallen and broken his neck, and that Ryan just hadn't wanted to tell her. "Had a fight with Beatrice. Something about Mona. I doubt he'll remember a thing. He stormed off home after the parade. You know Bea on the subject of Mona. She still wants to send Mona away to school. And do you realize what's happening between Aaron and Bea? Mich...
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